a happy list

This image. It's the dream. There is cosy knitwear, a hot drink and biscotti.

dear me, i am not good at blogging. at least not with any real commitment. sorry world.

10 things that make me terribly happy

(as i hear it is good to focus the mind and that gratitude combats anxiety):

  1. 27 days 1 hours 13 minutes and 32 seconds until holiday time
  2. friends who, unprovoked, text to say they miss me
  3. my husbear
  4. weekend plans that i look forward to
  5. having finally, after 3.5 years, bought a vanilla-scented oil for my desk that makes it smell so much nicer around me
  6. tea. always. ok. maybe lattes too.
  7. shunning capital letters occasionally
  8. my husbear
  9. sunshine and longer, lighter days
  10. mutti being happy in her new job

genuinely, have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday links…

… what is more obvious than that? All courtesy of Buzzfeed, who has just stolen at least an hour of my life. True say. 

NY Elopement

Thank you. That is all.

Dim Sum Fun

As promised last week here is a post on the amazingly tasty dim sum we picked up at the Gloucester Green Farmer’s Market in Oxford a couple of Thursdays ago. There are three stalls there selling dim sum or dim sum-esque goodies. The middle photo below is of the momos we tried. Momos are actually Tibetan and Nepalese-style dumplings filled with either meat or veg. We went for the veggie options and got 10 for £3.50. They were delicious and came served with a tomato-based sauce which I’d happily take or leave. We added sweet chilli sauce and that worked well.

Next up we tried a more traditional pot-sticker style dim sum from SASHA. See above! These were 10 for £4.50 and were huge! You can have beef, chicken or veg or a combination. I can wholeheartedly recommend the beef ones. Oh yes! Drizzle over some soy and add some sweet chilli (which looked more like cherry sauce!) and you are truly in for a treat.

Safe to say that we will be going back for more dim sum. The momo food van also offered a sort of plate special where you can have half fried rice/half momos for £3.50 and that was a very popular option.

Click pictures to enlarge. Try not to lick the screen!

Friday links

Some Friday link love:


News of the Gloucester Green dim sum adventure to follow next week! Bon weekend mes petits.


Happy New Year!

So, I took a four month hiatus. I just was not feeling the blog. It felt a bit forced, a bit contrived.

So, resolutions! Thank you Anine Bing for the inspiration. I have read quite a few lists of resolutions for 2015 but this one, for some reason, actually prompted me to do my own.

  1. Make more of an effort, just in general. I am, contrary to how I like to see myself, quite a lazy person and I would like to push past that.
  2. Stop living in the future/fantasy land and live in the present. The twin ideas of gratitude and mindfulness are not original but they are both very good ideas.
  3. See my/our friends more. I always think of myself as a reclusive hermit (tautology?) but I do actually enjoy seeing people and should do it more. I am sure there is a plant-friendship metaphor out there somewhere.
  4. I would like a new tattoo but I think I’m still gearing up to that one. Ditto haircut.
  5. Blog once a week about stuff that interests me.
  6. Take more photos. I have a good memory but, let’s face it, it’s not eidetic.
  7. I am really into this idea of a capsule wardrobe a la Un-Fancy. Could I only wear 37 articles of clothing for 12 weeks?
  8. Be a good wife. I think I have this one down more or less. But. Still.
  9. Travel as much as possible. Day trips anyone?

Yep, gonna finish on 9 just because. <<< Wow that syntax upsets me. Oh well.  Happy Wednesday people!

Santa Barbara